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May 17th, 2013
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Huachucas, Chiricahuas

Day six, the Huachuca mountains to the Chiricahuas.

Battiste’s B&B:
GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE and much more, all at close range in Tony and Julie’s wonderful yard. Great photo ops! Again, please call before you visit, day or night.

Ash Canyon B&B:
Amazing all round birding, as always. Female BRONZED COWBIRD gave close views, as did many exciting birds at this wonderful gem of a site. Thanks Mary Jo! See for more.

Beatty’s Guest Ranch:
Male BLUE-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD and at least one male WHITE-EARED HUMMINGBIRD at the CAS. Thanks to Tom Snr, Tom Jnr and Edith.

Miller Canyon:
Male SPOTTED OWL, today roosting in the choke cherry tree. The female was partially visible, perching in the nest hole but well above the nest (which is not visible). This may indicate that the young are close to fledging.
NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL near the nest hole. Thanks Charles!
A SCALED QUAIL posed for photos along E Marble Drive, just north of Miller Canyon Road.

Cave Creek Ranch:
Several BLUE-THROATED HUMMINGBIRDS coming to the feeders, plus ZONE-TAILED HAWK overhead, while numerous BAND-TAILED PIGEONS buzzed around.

Good views of WESTERN SCREECH-OWL after dark. A GREAT HORNED OWL flew across the road.

Herb Martyr Campground:
Excellent views of MEXICAN WHIP-POOR-WILL at night, perched on a snag. ELF OWL calling.

South Fork of Cave Creek/Idlewild Campground:

Paradise Road:
Good views of COMMON POORWILL in the road.

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