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June 5th, 2013
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New rates for guiding

As one must from time to time, I’ve raised my rates slightly for my birding guide services in southeastern Arizona. You can see them on my prices page. Those who already have a reservation will continue to pay the rates previously advertised at the time of booking. The price increase only applies to reservations made after today’s date, June 5th 2013.

You’ll be glad to hear that I’ve not changed any of my principals, so, unlike any other birding guides in the area, I treat a “full day” as just that, from dawn until dusk (14+ hours if you’re really keen). Other guides charge their full day rates for 8-10 hours, and you pay by the hour beyond that. I like to ensure that you know what you’re getting in advance and you don’t get an unexpectedly high bill at the end of the day, or have your birding curtailed mid afternoon for financial reasons. I want to give you the best Arizona birding experience possible and this is reflected in my rates and the way I conduct my business.

This means that I still offer the best value of any birding guide in Arizona! Please contact me if you’d like any more information about my birding guide services in southeast Arizona or would like advice in planning your Arizona birding trip.


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