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January 14th, 2014
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Fun Birding Tours for 2014

Fun Birding Tours is delighted to announce our all-inclusive Fun Birding Tours for 2014! Need a break? Why not join us?

Richard will also be leading tours for a couple of other birding tour companies…

And there’s more to look out for from Fun Birding Tours in 2014. We’ll be starting up our popular Fun Birding Workshops again in SE Arizona, later in the year, which will include key subjects such as sparrows, thrashers and hummingbirds. We’ll also be trying out a new format of Fun Birding Days in SE Arizona, so stay tuned for those.

It’s going to be an exciting year here at Fun Birding Tours, and we hope you’ll be part of the fun. Join us!

Join us for a Fun Birding Tour!


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